Ripple: Dialogue in the Flux of Artistic Creation 

22 June – 22 July 2024

In the pursuit of artistic creation, there is often a demand for immense productivity. However, the journey towards creation is frequently marked and punctuated by seemingly “unproductive” experiences. These include walking along the beach, savouring a sunset, enjoying a favourite meal of nasi campur, listening to cherished music, or engaging in casual conversations with family. These moments possess regenerative power for creativity, much like seeking and discovering the key to unlocking an otherwise impenetrable door. During these periods of contemplation and absorption, dulled sensitivities are sharpened, resulting in works of heightened acuity and appeal

When “Ripple” was selected as the exhibition title, the term—translated as riak in Indonesian—was envisioned as the resonance of an ever-evolving identity for each artist featured. In essence, a creative journey that symbolizes navigating existence, embracing change, and evolving beyond the past. This identity reflects their roles both as individuals and community members, facing challenges and inner battles while navigating the sacred and profane, fundamental to the Balinese worldview.

This notion of “Ripple” aligns closely with Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of the rhizome, a subterranean network that perpetually establishes novel connections in divergent directions. Much like the ripple effect, growth within the rhizome framework does not occur in a linear fashion; it spreads outward, overlapping and interacting with various elements in its environment. The creative process, therefore, is not linear but rather a complex network of influence, inspiration, and interaction, constantly evolving and shaping itself. Whether the influences are internal or external, the process is characterized by dynamism and multifacetedness, echoing the ever-changing and interconnected identities of the artists in this exhibition.

The process can also be seen as the maturation of an artist’s aesthetic judgments, as observed early on within the context of Balinese traditional life. Art, in its role as devotion, requires observation, mental recording, and often involves the act of creation as a routine. In its normative role in society, a sculptor may become proficient in the making of offerings, or a painter may take on the role of a gamelan musician. Furthermore, many artists have observed family members creating paintings or sculptures from a young age. However, as an artist matures, their encounters expand beyond the traditional functions of art, allowing for continual negotiation and consistent self-refinement in other ways.

Ripple: Dialogue in the Flux of Artistic Creation 


Agung Ivan
Gusti Agung Galuh
Kadek Armika
Ni Nyoman Sani
Wayan Jana
Wayan Karja
Wayan Suja