Solo Exhibition by
Dewa Ngakan Ardana

October 2023


Solo Exhibition by 
Nyoman Dharmawan



Welcoming Nyoman Dharmawan

Nyoman Dharmawan draws inspiration from the inherent sensuality and eroticism of human intercourse in his paintings. His works often incorporate Balinese symbolism, featuring the symbols of Lingga (representing the male principle) and Yoni (representing the female principle). These symbols not only celebrate the union of opposites but also serve as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness that exists among all things.

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Nonfrasa was founded in 2021 as a platform dedicated for discovering emerging artists and rediscovering leftfield work from artists in Bali, Indonesia.

As art is both reflective and personal in nature, getting a message across in those landscapes is truly difficult, if not nearly impossible at all. Nonfrasa is an attempt to provide a platform, a space, a discourse in which artists could offer their respective and differing perspectives in ways that stimulate dialogue rather than diatribe, that promote engagement rather than abandonment.

Nonfrasa is an inclusive space dedicated to thought-provoking young artists and to make sure that their voices are heard and listened to amid the cacophony of the domineering echo chambers.

We are open daily, all year round, from 10am–5pm. Visitors are welcome to walk in during opening hours (last entry at 6.30pm) and no prior booking is necessary.

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