Documenting Perspective

17 June  2022

The first edition of Nonfrasa convey 7 multidisciplinary artists to showcase their work regarding how they romanticise Bali that they know, through their work and narrative. Collecting a perplexing of past and present, how they craft their practice and position their work without neutralizing tradition and under the pressure of identity.

Discover ‘POWER’ beyond the physical with Nonfrasa. ‘POWER’ is a group exhibition that ventures beyond physical mass and transcends boundaries. Find intangible souvenirs in captivating artworks, exhibiting for the very first time in Jakarta at Kala Karya. Delve into the realm where ‘Power’ resonates with the message, ‘It’s not just about Mass, but also Intention.’



Didin Jirot
Luh Gde Gita
Ketut Nugi
Piki Suyersa
Surya Subratha
Yusa Dirgantara