Common Beauty II

16 March 2024

We’re delighted to announce the much-anticipated return of its thought-provoking group exhibition, ‘Common Beauty II’. Common Beauty challenged the discourses of what is ‘common’ and what is ‘beauty’, the beat that Nonfrasa holds on to since its existence. To this day the notion grew, inspired to see what “polycentric aesthetics” could offer to the audience through Common Beauty II. The notion acknowledges that arts come from dialogues between individuals, communities and cultures – “a multicultural relationality” – beyond the canon European aesthetics. Mirroring that is the “Bandung Spirit”, once part of an achievement for post-colonial countries, a human fighting spirit to regain one’s own voice born within the Asian African Conference 1955. With current events challenging the meanings of humanity, Common Beauty II seeks to regain, to reflect, to get our humane spirit back.

With polycentric aesthetics and Bandung Spirit in hand, there are many perspectives to look at within our lives from the past generations to the present and what’s on offer for the future. This from-to-for notion becomes interesting when we reflect further on art and politics developments in Indonesia. At many times, since 1955 onwards, art in its many forms has become the bridging course to the Indonesian government’s unwanted histories. As they are not on the history’s timeline, they became personal and collective memories. They are still embodied through living individuals, or passed down to their next generations, through oral stories and some written.

Common Beauty II


Ayu Rika
Etza Meisyara
Evi Pangestu
Gusti Dalem
Jemana Murti
Nyoman Darmawan
Pande Wardina
Sastra Wibawa
Victoria Kosasie
Woven Kolektif