Pande Wardina

Born 1995, Bali, Indonesia
Lives and works in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Pande Wardina is an emerging artist from Bali, Indonesia, who possesses a unique vision that challenges the mundane and defies expected norms. As a new media artist, Pande explores the interplay between technology and art, assembling various electronic systems as ‘modules’ to construct his works. Drawing inspiration from objects such as electronic circuit boards, movement, sound, and light, he delves into alternative mediums, contemporary discourses, and aesthetic values, actively pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

With a background in computer science, Pande Wardina sees art and technology as interconnected containers or hardware devices stimulated by software binaries. He excels in the notion that ideas, concepts, and implementation can induce and nurture environmentally friendly-based creativity, focusing on sustainability and the symbiotic relationship between art and the natural world.

Pande’s artistic journey began by learning the complexities of electronics in 2017, initially driven by a desire to repair musical instruments for those within his close circle. However, this sparked a realization within him, leading him to explore the merging of his aspirations and capabilities. In 2019, he embarked on constructing edifices and site-specific installations that unearth the connection between the energy of light and sound pulses, culminating in thought-provoking artworks that captivate audiences.

One such artwork, “Semu Masa Depan” or “Obscure Future” (2022), invites viewers to question the pseudo-fate of the natural environment, particularly protected forests and green belts often reserved and reverberated as political rhetoric. Pande’s installation emphasizes the inseparable nature of humans and the environment, highlighting the life force that flows through both plants and individuals. By transforming this life sustenance into frequencies that shape the progress and dynamics of culture, he encourages viewers to contemplate nurturing and fostering creativity, aesthetics, and life resources for an impending future.

In his work titled “Why?” (2023), Pande Wardina invites audiences to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-awareness through the exploration of the fundamental question: “Why?” Drawing upon his own experiences of compromise and discovery during his formative years, Pande portrays the human body and consciousness as a temple of self-discovery filled with contradictions. His installation delves into the complex pathways that guide us to our inner selves and the external influences that shape our identities. By examining the impact of commentary, low self-esteem, and opinions, Pande demonstrates how they can serve as both guiding forces and obstacles in our lives, ultimately urging viewers to reflect on their own experiences and the elements that have shaped them.


Curriculum Vitae

2023 BTech Computer Science, Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis STIKOM Bali, Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibitions
2023   POWER, Nonfrasa Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2023   TOREH△, Nonfrasa Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2023   RUINS, Nonfrasa Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2022   Common Beauty, Nonfrasa Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

Pande Wardina is represented by Nonfrasa Gallery, Bali, Indonesia.