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Common Beauty
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27 October

Common Beauty

Common Beauty explores the physical world and its visual pleasures through the lens of Bali’s custodians, namely, those who are connected to the island’s traditions, religion and history.

The exhibition builds on and challenges discourse of what is ‘common’ and what is ‘beauty’, arguing that meaning is not constructed arbitrarily, but rather, is the product of the everchanging human imagination. Therefore, to define a concept is to resonate and adopt contemporary contexts, behaviours and understandings.

Where early expatriate residences have justified the traditional framework for aesthetics, Nonfrasa demands a naturalist approach to beauty within aesthetics and ethics; a flexibility in perception and perspective.



Detu Wisesa

Jemana Murti

Sarita Ibnoe

Non-frasa was founded in 2021 as a platform dedicated for discovering emerging artists and rediscovering leftfield work from artists in Bali, Indonesia.

The proliferation of gadget and social media have created deafeningly noisy and divisive thought landscapes marked by echo chamber and hate-fuelled narratives.

As art is both reflective and personal in nature, getting a message across in those landscapes is truly difficult, if not nearly impossible at all.. Non Frasa is an attempt to provide a platform, a space, a discourse in which artists and creators could offer their respective and differing perspectives in ways that stimulate dialogue rather than diatribe, that promote engagement rather than abandonment.

Non Frasa is an inclusive space dedicated to thought-provoking young artists and to make sure that their voices are heard and listened to amid the cacophony of the domineering echo chambers.

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