17 Agustust  2023

Nonfrasa is delighted to present TOREH△, an exhibition that humbly explores the evolution and artistic exploration of printmaking. We invite you to witness the beauty and significance of this lesser-known art form.

Throughout the years, printmaking has quietly evolved alongside other art practices. Often overshadowed by paintings, it has been commonly considered less important due to its mass-produced nature. However, our exhibition aims to challenge these perceptions and shed light on the unique discourses and characteristics that printmaking offers.

TOREH△ is more than just a title. It reflects the act of making cuts and carvings, paying homage to the traditional techniques that artists have adapted and refined over time. The inclusion of the delta symbol (△), which symbolizes change and difference, further emphasizes the theme of exploration and new directions in printmaking.

‘Toreh△’ embodies both the evolution and artistic exploration of printmaking. The title, ‘Toreh’, meaning to incise’ in Bahasa Indonesia, pays homage to traditional practices while the delta symbol (△) symbolizes change and difference. This exhibition explores the dynamic evolution of printmaking techniques and the innovative approaches artists employ. The artworks displayed vary in their techniques of incising the surface, each artist contributing their own motifs. A notable focus is on memories, as artists express their personal experiences
through these motifs.



Adi Septa
Dede Cipon
Dewa Johana
Detu Wisesa
IB Rekha
Jemana Murti
Kadek Dwi
Mar Kristoff
Ngurah Yudi
Ni Luh Pangestu
Pande Wardina
Surya Subratha
Widi Pangestu

Curated by

Savitri Sastrawan