16 – 18 November  2023

Nonfrasa is delighted to present ‘POWER’, an ephemeral and ethereal exhibition by Nonfrasa at Kala Karya, Jakarta. ‘POWER’ is not just about mass; it’s also about intention. Through this exploration, the exhibition transcends boundaries and connects people across diverse spaces, leaving a lasting impression on new audiences.

At ‘POWER’, you’ll take home more than conventional souvenirs. We invite you on a sensory exploration of experiences as an intangible souvenir. Each artwork echoes the relentless exploration of Balinese culture, further encapsulating the idea of power. We welcome you to delve into the mesmerizing world of ‘POWER’. In witnessing their prowess, become a part of something beyond the physical.

Discover ‘POWER’ beyond the physical with Nonfrasa. ‘POWER’ is a group exhibition that ventures beyond physical mass and transcends boundaries. Find intangible souvenirs in captivating artworks, exhibiting for the very first time in Jakarta at Kala Karya. Delve into the realm where ‘Power’ resonates with the message, ‘It’s not just about Mass, but also Intention.’



Pande Wardina
Dewa Ngakan Ardana
Sastra Wibawa
Nyoman Dharmawan
Mangku Muriati
Dewa Putu Sena
Jemana Murti