Common Beauty

27 October  2022

Common Beauty explores the physical world and its visual pleasures through the lens of Bali’s custodians, namely, those who are connected to the island’s traditions, religion and history.

The exhibition builds on and challenges discourse of what is ‘common’ and what is ‘beauty’, arguing that meaning is not constructed arbitrarily, but rather, is the product of the everchanging human imagination. Therefore, to define a concept is to resonate and adopt contemporary
contexts, behaviours and understandings.

Where early expatriate residences have justified the traditional framework for aesthetics, Nonfrasa demands a naturalist approach to beauty within aesthetics and ethics; a flexibility in perception and perspective.

Discover ‘POWER’ beyond the physical with Nonfrasa. ‘POWER’ is a group exhibition that ventures beyond physical mass and transcends boundaries. Find intangible souvenirs in captivating artworks, exhibiting for the very first time in Jakarta at Kala Karya. Delve into the realm where ‘Power’ resonates with the message, ‘It’s not just about Mass, but also Intention.’

Common Beauty


Detu Wisesa
Jemana Murti
Sarita Ibnoe
Condro Priyoaji
Gede Sukarya
Nyoman Dharmawan
Pande Wardina
Nova Ruspika
Surya Subratha
Wayan Legianta