Nyoman Dharmawan

Born 1984, Bali, Indonesia
Lives and works in Pengosekan, Bali, Indonesia

Nyoman Dharmawan, an aspiring and resilient artist in the midst of his career, showcases impeccable artistic talent in his work. Born in 1984 and raised in the artistic village of Pengosekan Ubud, he holds a deep-rooted belief that art is an embodiment of life. Dharmawan’s artworks explore a wide range of human emotions and experiences, including love, loathing, life, and death.

Growing up in a family of artists, Dharmawan was exposed to the creative process from an early age. He drew inspiration from his grandfather and father, assisting them in various artistic endeavors. During his academic studies at the Institute of Art Indonesia, he developed an intriguing and experimental approach that eventually became the catalyst for his unique visual language.

Dharmawan’s artwork intricately weaves together the ritualistic respect for a higher power and the spiritual journey found in procreation, both of which hold significant importance in Balinese culture. While these two aspects may differ in significance, they contribute to a collective and broader ritualistic practice.

Driven by an unwavering belief that art serves as a medium for self-expression and personal documentation, Dharmawan skillfully captures and portrays his own life experiences, including the challenges, trials, overcome obstacles, and accomplishments he has encountered. In his artworks, he establishes a universal connection that fosters compassion and empathy, not only between himself, his creations, and his experiences, but also with others and the world at large.

Dharmawan draws inspiration from the inherent sensuality and eroticism of human intercourse in his paintings. His works often incorporate Balinese symbolism, featuring the symbols of Lingga (representing the male principle) and Yoni (representing the female principle). These symbols not only celebrate the union of opposites but also serve as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness that exists among all things.


Curriculum Vitae

2008 Fine Arts, Institut Seni Indonesia, Bali – Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibitions
2023 RUINS, Nonfrasa Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2022 Common Beauty, Nonfrasa Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2019 Played on Paper, Kaktus Art Space, Bali, Indonesia
2019 Fantasi with Nyoman Suarnata, Restu Bumi Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2017 Played on Paper, Kaktus Art Space, Bali, Indonesia
2015 Museum Puri Lukisan, Bali, Indonesia
2014 Museum Puri Lukisan, Bali, Indonesia
2014 Hitam Putih Art Space, Bali, Indonesia
2011 Santrian Art Gallery, Bali, Indonesia 
2011 Bazaar Art Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
2010 Bazaar Art Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Nyoman Dharmawan is represented by Nonfrasa Gallery, Bali,Indonesia