Pande Wardina (Artist in Residency)

One can’t help but notice that Wardina Pande (b. 1995) is inclined to challenge the mundane and agitated by the expected norms. He is among the young and restless, actively exploring and experimenting with various forms and new possibilities in the arts. The creative exploration includes alternative mediums, contemporary discourses, and aesthetic values.

As a technology student at ITB STIKOM Bali, he excels in the notion that art and technology are both containers or hardware devices stimulated by software binaries, in this case: ideas, concepts and implementation that induce and nurture environmentally friendly-based creativity and focus on sustainability.

While continuing to play music as escapism from boredom, in 2017, he started learning the complexities of electronics, mainly to repair musical instruments belonging to his close circle. Then it hit him. Why not?

In 2019, he started combining all of his aspirations and capabilities as one through the construction of edifices and site-specific installations that unearths the connection between the energy of light and sound pulses.

Semu Masa Depan
Following the ‘Singing Plant’ aural installation series, he presents Semu Masa Depan or ‘Obscure Future’ in this exhibition. For him, this installation is a thought-provoking question about the pseudo-fate of the natural environment, specially protected forests and green belts that are more often reserved and reverberated as political rhetoric.
At the core, we are inseparable from nature. Similar to humans, there is the same life force flowing in plants, and the ebb and flow of this life sustenance can be transformed into total frequencies that one can revere as the electric waves of progress in the dynamics and construction of our culture.
How shall we nurture and foster the one source of creativity, aesthetics, and life resources in the impending future? Let’s start by listening to it. The plants at the center of this piece are provided by Lazio Vaulia of Naked Plant Bali.

Favourite View #2