Detu Wisesa

Grew up in Jakarta to Balinese parents. His parents have lived within Balinese-Hindu communities all around Indonesia due to Indonesia’s transmigration policy, so he has also grown up in Aceh as a child. He studied visual communication design at Binus University, Jakarta. After graduating from his formal education in 2020, he returned to Bali to pursue his artistry and be close to his grandparent in Tabanan. His works are mostly paintings, screenprinting, and now sculptures.

Sacred Heart in Relief
Sacred Heart in Reliefis Detu Wisesa’s study of symbolism in 3-dimensional form. In a direct study of Sacred Heart (2021), Detu was inspired by his time in middle school where he was exposed to the diversity of religious symbolism and how such key visual elements have existed for centuries before him yet retaining the same profound meaning over time. Its provenance- to visually represent ‘God’s boundless and passionate love for mankind’- was a way for him to reflect on human behavior. He brought upon a face onto the figure to humanize such an extreme and almost impossible expectation humans have towards their faith and one another.

Sacred Heart in Relief (2022) also marks Detu’s first venture with dimensional representation. Consisting of fiber, metal and paint, an intentional choice to bring what was once a flat drawing into the flesh.

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