Condro Priyoaji

Bandung-based artist Condro Piyoaji (b. 1993) graduated from Institute of Technology (ITB) Bandung with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2016. His artworks are based on intertwining two color-producing elements, mostly pigments and lights. Condro is also interested in doing spatial-themed works following his keenness and familiarity with street art. His attraction to the world of painting also influences his current interest in the concept of color. Subsequently, he dwells in the realm of shadows. In his opinion, shadows are the most subtle existence of color. He imagines that shadows are a darker pigment on a surrounding surface. Recently, he has realized that painting shadows give new notions to his works, such as the trails of time, space, color intensity, and many other intriguing things.

Let the Wind Blow
This art piece is part of the Shadow Motion series, representing Condro’s recent aesthetic exploration. He mentions that the realm of shadows stimulates transcendental experiences, one of which is that shadows materialize the presence and imprint of an object. 
Furthermore, the coalescence of shadows on objects nearby concocts an imagination of motion in the painting.

Favourite View #2